Choice Floors Unethical?

My experience working for Choice Floors LLC

What use is a contract if they can ignore it?

 I was a broker for choice floors.
My contract entitled me to 5% of all sales made in my area including those of the agents working therein.

Beginning in June 2016 Choice Floors began hiding the sales of an agent in my area.  These hidden sales approached (and may have exceeded) $100,000 by November of the same year.

The amount of commissions they finally admitted they stole from me was $4,558.98.

In a spiteful move the owner of Choice Floors LLC used $3,184.69 the commissions he had taken from me to replace a customer’s flooring.  He claimed I was responsible for the damage caused by a sub-standard installation or manufacturer defect.

This despite the fact Choice Floors does not provide installation services.  The customer hired the installer, scheduled him and paid him directly.  I had no control over the installer, only the customer did. Choice Floors made no attempt to contact the installer or the installer's insurance. They didn't even complete a product claim with the manufacturer.

After years of loyalty and sacrifice building Choice Floors as a business in Billings, they rewarded me with this treatment.

I ask you out a sense of justice to not work for or do business with this company.

Thank you for your time.

If you are interested in helping my family recoup from this loss I have created a Go Fund Me page.